I thought Liliana’s Early Intervention evaluation was going to be yesterday, but it was just an in-take meeting with our designated service coordinator. We went over all the different things that Liliana’s able to do, as well as her medical history, and what the Early Intervention process would be.

We scheduled Liliana’s evaluation to be 2 weeks out; our service coordinator and two evaluators will come to the house and test Liliana in several different areas of life skills. If Liliana has a 25% deficit in any one category, we’ll be eligible for Early Intervention services.

I’m anxious about the evaluation because Liliana knows how to self-feed (and yet refuses to eat anything), but she really isn’t at the level she should be as far as food textures go.

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, but at least I don’t have any more meetings or appointments this week!