I managed to get a few phone calls done today that I’ve been dreading. I wanted to do them yesterday, but when I woke up and had an all-day stomach ache—that no fizzy drink or Saltine could cure—there was nothing that would motivate me to make these phone calls. Today was a whole ‘nother story. I felt great getting up, and it was probably because I managed to have a little nap last night. I guess it was restful enough even though Liliana was jumping and bouncing on me for half my nap.

First I called Rover Transit. Since Liliana gets medical assistance, she’s eligible for reimbursement on medical-related travel. Kim’s told me about it but I didn’t know how to go about getting it; the nurse from Early Intervention told me to call Rover Transit and ask for the MA Reimbursement Form. She provided the number and let me know what to expect…now after getting a call-back, I should be getting some forms in the mail. One down and a few more calls to go!

During the nurse’s visit last week, I lamented that the DME company we’re using doesn’t take Liliana’s secondary insurance and it’s a pain trying to find another one that offers enteral feeding supplies. She suggested Apria, and even gave them a call to make sure they took both of Liliana’s insurances. Well, I called them today to get Liliana into their system and called Liliana’s surgeon’s office to get scripts for her supplies. I even called Liliana’s secondary insurance to notify them of the DME switch and sent an e-mail to our primary insurance.

I hope Apria will be a good supplier. I’ve read a few things about them billing things wrong to insurance and a few supply problems, but they do seem nice enough from my interactions with them today.

I was really hoping to get Liliana’s formula today. We went Monday to the WIC office to pick up checks and sign off on the formula to get shipped from the warehouse, and we actually ran out of the formula over the weekend. I’ve been giving Liliana whole milk and Pediasure to get by, but I only have one or two more bottles of Pediasure left. The formula should be here tomorrow since it didn’t come in today.

Later this week I’ll write about our Easter and provide photos…If you have Facebook and have me as a friend, you can check out Liliana’s Easter Photos already.

Okay, it’s dinner time. Bye!