Last week Liliana was throwing up often – so often in fact, that she became dehydrated and sluggish. Sean and I took her to the Emergency Room on Saturday, and after numerous hours of waiting, an x-ray, an ultrasound, bloodwork, and two urine samples, the people there believed that nothing was wrong with her anatomically. After doing a urinalysis from Liliana’s urine they collected in a special bag and finding large white blood cells, they said that there’s a possibility of her having a UTI. They took a second urine sample, though, through a catheter because of the chance of contamination in the first sample, and sent it to the lab for a culture.

The culture came back negative for any bacterial growth, meaning no UTI.

Effectively, we have no idea why she was vomiting that much.

Since then, though, Liliana’s been keeping down all of her feedings and she’s become regular again with her diapers. She’s even eating solids again without as much fuss as she did last week. I hope that things will continue in this direction: she’s smiling again, taking restful naps, sleeping through the night, and the only things coming out of her mouth are cute babbling noises and the occasional burp.