This morning Liliana had an appointment to do an upper GI. I’m just going to cut to the chase: her fundoplication is still intact and in the right place, there is no bowel obstruction, and they didn’t see any reflux happening (reinforcing the idea that the fundo is intact). What this means is that anatomically, Liliana shouldn’t have to be throwing up. I’m thinking the reason that she throws up is because she feels sick or her stomach doesn’t feel well. For instance, everything was okay this morning until Liliana got out of the car at home and threw up a little barium (the x-ray contrasting agent). Maybe just the feeling of anything sloshing around in her stomach makes her feel ill.

I was able to see the x-ray images as they were done, so it was interesting to see her stomach fill up with black on the screen. Then there were small whirls (vs whorls) of black, going downward, which is her stomach emptying the barium into the duodenum. It was kind of prompt, which surprised me. By the way Liliana acts, you’d think that everything was kept in her stomach for hours.

A small update on Damien: he’s now able to sit from a crawling position, and is able to take 1-2 shaky crawling steps. He is definitely able to propel himself forward just by using his arms. I had stepped out of the living room where Damien was playing and when I returned, I didn’t see him! He was actually in a small area between the sofa and a recliner. Apart from that, he really likes standing and can do it by himself if we have him holding onto the edge of the pack-and-play. It’s still a while away for him to be able to do it himself without us hovering to make sure he doesn’t let go and fall.

All done!