On Friday I had to take Liliana to her orthopedic doctor. We started off by going to the brace shop in the hospital to make sure her brace was on correctly; some adjustments had to be made so she got new straps on the brace. Later, Liliana had an X-ray taken with the brace on. The result of using the back brace is that her spine now has a 20° angle, an improvement from her ~30° angle 3 months ago.

So while her scoliosis is getting better, her reflux is worsening. She threw up 3-4 times yesterday and didn’t have as many wet diapers as she usually does. No bowel movement yesterday either, but that may have been affected by a Pedialyte feeding and an irregular feeding schedule due to the doctor visit. I think today we’re going to try giving her more water in her formula; instead of giving her 24 calories/oz formula, we’re giving her the normal 20 calories/oz, but at a larger volume so she gets the same amount of calories she would normally get. She should also get hydrated more with the extra water; I’m just hoping that she won’t throw it up.

Oh, with the doctor visit on Friday, we got a weight of her in her clothes and brace. It came out to be 6.8kg, which is 14.96 lbs. She is definitely getting bigger and heavier.

We’ll see if she does any better today!