Yesterday was the beginning of my 35th week and I am now starting my third week of bed rest away from work. During these past two weeks it seems like I have not done much — I’ve been wasting time playing games on Facebook (if you’re on FB, friend me!), taking random naps, and catching up on all of my reality TV shows. I have done some work, though.

Most notably, I’ve been getting back into web design. During the past two weeks, I’ve designed a new website for myself so I can use it as my portfolio for freelance work. I’ve also worked on some other things, which I can’t exactly recall because of my preggo brain, but I did manage to make a new look for this blog tonight. I’m happy enough with the layout that I’m actually going to start sharing the blog! I may also include the web address with the thank-you notes I have to write for the baby shower my mother-in-law had for me two weeks ago. Yes, I am a horrible procrastinator in all things that are not related to work.

Apart from that, I have been slowly getting the nursery ready. All of Liliana’s clothes are clean and either hanging in the closet or folded into drawers. The crib is prepared, as well as the changing station. The sad thing about all of this is that Liliana will be in the hospital for at least 2 months so she won’t be at home with us as soon as she comes out. I am sure, though, that those 2 months will seem like nothing…After looking back at this pregnancy, it seems like it took no time at all to get to where I am now.

I have another checkup tomorrow morning. Just two more weeks until it’s OK for her to come out, but I think even if she were to come out now, she would be all right. I think at this point in her development, brain hemmorhaging isn’t as much of a risk with ECMO. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to keep her inside!