Remember Friday’s post about Liliana possibly getting Medicaid but I couldn’t tell for sure? Today we received 2 letters from the County Assistance Office: the first said that Liliana is eligible for Medical Assistance, the second had her PA Access card. Unfortunately, I won’t get reimbursed for the medical bills I’ve already paid, but we do have a lot of appointments this upcoming month and a possible surgery for a gastronomy tube and gallbladder removal in the near future.

A few other things happened today.

Liliana laughed for the first time! She was on the floor on her back (so she could try rolling over) and I pretended to eat her tummy. She made a “keh heh” sound, and I asked Sean who was in the doorway, “Was that a laugh?” I did it again, and the sounds she made were definitely laughs! Sean had his turn doing it, and she laughed a bunch, even grabbing his ear. I tried, throughout the day, to get Liliana to laugh again, but to no avail. She’s a tough cookie! Very hard to please sometimes.

I also weighed Liliana this morning. She turned out to be 13 pounds. That means she’s gained about 2.5 pounds in a little less than 2 months. I’d hope for her to gain more, but I’m happy that she’s making some progress at least. Since she’s getting hungry earlier, we’re feeding her 80 ml every 3 hours and she’s mostly keeping it down. It’s hard to tell if we should increase it to 90 ml, and I guess the only way to find out is through trial and error.

That’s it. Still hasn’t rolled over by herself – I think she’s just not interested in it. She still loves sitting and tries to do it even when she’s laid back in my arms.

Okay, it’s getting late! Good night!