Sean wanted me to post pictures, so here I am with the ones I was supposed to post this past weekend.

I also updated my Flickr with all of the pictures I’ve taken since July 8; that includes the photos that I haven’t posted here because I didn’t think they made the cut or they were redundant. If you select a picture on my Flickr, you can go through the Actions menu above the picture and click on “View All Sizes”. Doing that will let you see the picture at a larger size, and you can download it. Pretty nifty if you want larger size versions of the photos that I post here!

Okay, I’m tired. Liliana needs to get her overnight water feeding, and although I should do some work, I don’t think I can concentrate enough when it’s almost 2 AM and I’m sleepy.

I have to order Liliana’s supplies tomorrow so we can have them in time for our trip down to Miami (2 whole weeks of Miami!), which means I’ll have to weigh and measure Liliana. I hope she’s gained some weight! Even a pound would be great! I should weigh Damien as well, just for fun.

Groggy groggy. Good night!