Liliana threw up bile twice last night with a formula feeding. I was giving her Pedialyte only before then and thought she would be okay with the formula; I was wrong!

We took her to the pediatrician and she said to continue with Pedialyte. If she does better, we can start giving her parts formula, parts Pedialyte.

After we got her home and started her up on Pedialyte again, she was throwing it up. Once we got her to fall asleep though, she did much better and tolerated all of the Pedialyte we’ve given her throughout the night. She did wake up a few times, but there was no wretching.

That was throughout the night though, which is when she has the least reflux. We still have to see how she does during the day.

We do have a hearing test this morning and I have a lot of work to do when we get home, so we’ll both be busy; Liliana with getting better and me with making our money for food. I will probably have to pick up more Pedialyte after the test as well.

Wish us luck!