I am so glad that winter is over, but today seemed like a reprise of winter’s weather! It had actually warmed up considerably over the past week, and then we were hit with very powerful gusts of wind…they blew the house’s welcome mat off!

Both Damien and Liliana have been doing well, though they’ve both developed runny noses. I gave both kids haircuts on Sunday, and I think Liliana’s hair is particularly cute:

Damien, Sean, and Liliana

Her hair is still long enough to do pigtails, so she doesn’t have to be limited to the bob hairstyle. Damien just had his hair trimmed on the sides and in the back. I still don’t know much about how to cut boys’ hair, and while I’d like to use some hair trimmers on him, it just seems too much of a fuss to get all of that ready.

I guess I’ll break the other news…

some BIG news…

Sean and I are getting our own place to live! Granted, it’s a (used) mobile home, but it’s in good shape and in a decent community. We’re paying for it in cash so we won’t have to worry about a mortgage, just the lot rent (less than $400! Includes water, sewer and trash!). It’s 2 bedrooms, so the kids will still have to share a room, but we can always try buying a house or a larger mobile home once we eliminate more of our debt.

We’re closing this Friday. While the place is technically move-in ready, we’re going to spend a few weeks doing some improvements so we won’t move in until the place is fixed up. I’m looking forward to decorating and showing the place off!