Past two days (or maybe just this morning, always seems like forever) have suddenly seen a return to a gagging every half hour.  The gagging is endless when it happens, and it honestly sounds like she can’t breathe.  She does it for like 2 minutes while we just sit around waiting for her to stop.  I usually have to leave the room since Mercy doesn’t want me to make her stop.  I actually prefer her upset and crying than gagging and dying.  Of course, I’m exaggerating about the she-can’t-breathe part, and there is no real cause for alarm since at no point does her face turn blue or her lips or anything else.

Yet she is exhausted and has probably been awake and alert for maybe only 2 hours today.  I’m told this is normal for teething, though I can’t imagine most parents dealing with their child sounding like they’re choking each time a tooth comes in.  It’s going to put her development even farther behind.  Supposedly, she should be speaking by now, at least some words.  I have yet to hear a really clear word that would make us say, “Obviously she just said ‘Kitty!’ “.  It’s odd though, I want to teach her to wave to say hi and bye, but she never does.  She seems to point at everything, but when she actually sees mommy, she never points and says, “Mommy” to identify her.  I am seemingly no one to her.  I don’t really have a name, I’m more of just a stranger who comes in the door more often than most other strangers.  Or maybe I’m the mean one who is willing to say no and make her cry.

With Mercy being super pregnant and understandably and increasingly short-tempered each day, it’s currently tough to stay positive.  Her smile seems to be what I live for, and can brighten up even the worst days.  Sadly, the sun won’t shine right now because it’s too busy gagging on its own oral slime.