There are so many posts that I need to write about Liliana, yet no time to write them in. That means it’s time for a list!

  • Liliana was born 6 pounds, 9 ounces. No one has measured her length yet.
  • If she were to have been any bigger, I would have had a c-section. In any case, I had a 2nd degree tear.
  • Two days after she was born, Liliana had the surgery to correct the CDH. They tried doing it thorascopically (with small incisions and a camera for visual aid) first, but as they found out that it was worse than previously thought (I think they found the spleen herniated as well) they did the procedure with a larger incision and regular instruments.
  • After the surgery, Liliana is still getting better at breathing. Her ventilator pressures are being lowered per doctor’s orders and the amount of oxygen she’s getting from the machines is also decreasing.

I’m going to go see her today. I have to pump some milk first, get my lunch ready, prepare a bag with all of my pumping supplies and pack all of the frozen milk that I’ve made for Liliana. Then I am out the door to the train station! After a transfer and 50+ minutes of traveling, I should be at the hospital and right next to my beautiful baby girl.