Liliana did much better yesterday and notably last night. She crawled a lot, either going to pick up a toy on the floor or going to the kitchen to see me. She also crawled on the couch, from Sean to me and then back to Sean.

Sean also fed her banana-strawberry baby food last night and Liliana ate a lot of it. At first it was just in the jar, and then we put it in a baby plate; she dipped her entire right hand into the food and after Sean gave her the spoon, she dipped the spoon into the food and fed Sean. Then she fed me. I walked away for a bit; during this time, Liliana fed Sean again and was looking for me to give me my feeding turn!

Last night Liliana slept better than the last two nights. The night before had been horrendous, as she’d wake up screaming and crying as if she were in the most horrible pain. The first time she did it, she had already had some Tylenol. The second time, we gave her another dose and she seemed to go back to sleep after ten minutes. The only thing she did last night was whine a few times, but it was nothing that a calming “shh” couldn’t handle.

Right now Liliana’s doing a lot of swallowing. I think she’s just swallowing all of the saliva that her teething is creating, but she’s probably ingesting a lot of air as well.

Anyhow, today we have to get Liliana re-certified for WIC so that we can continue getting the Peptamen Jr formula. For some reason, CHOP Homecare sent us a few boxes of the formula with Liliana’s new G-tube supplies. I won’t touch those until I know they’ve been paid for by insurance. Sean’s insurance won’t pay for formula even if it’s medically necessary, and Liliana’s Medicaid is the thing that lets us have Liliana on WIC.

Okay, time to get ready to go to the WIC office!