Liliana finally cut her second top tooth and her excessive drooling has subsided. She’s no longer trying to throw up the extra saliva and she’s back to being awake for most of the day.

With Liliana feeling better, we’ve started giving her finger food snacks. She absolutely loves the Gerber yogurt melts and today she ate a lot of puffed cereal pieces. Yesterday while at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, she actually started feeding herself! Sometimes she puts two in at a time, or will put piece after piece into her mouth without finishing the first piece. She did gag this morning once; I think she tried swallowing a piece that she didn’t chew enough. Basically, she’s still learning about how to eat food, but I’m surprised at her progress!

Even though Liliana’s doing very well with solids, she still doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in drinking. Maybe it’s just my timing where I offer whole milk to her and she’s not hungry/thirsty at all.

Tomorrow we’re going to CHOP to get her brace adjusted and the G-tube switched out to a button. I also have to reschedule Liliana’s flu booster shot; she was supposed to get it last week, but with all of the symptoms she was experiencing, the nurse thought it’d be best to wait until Liliana was better.