Liliana is getting too big for her sleep positioner, so it’s about time for us to buy a new one. After combing through the many positioners and wedges online (most of them being for newborns), I’ve narrowed our choices down to three.

Reflux Relief Sleep Positioner from

On, we have the reflux relief sleep positioner. With a moderate price of $39.95 and a weight limit of 20 pounds, this looks to be an easily affordable way for us to keep Liliana elevated throughout the night.

I like the idea of the three-point harness. Our current sleep positioner has two armrests, one which attaches through the magic of Velcro, and it’s not very reliable in keeping Liliana up. Also, the Velcro sometimes attaches to Liliana’s clothing, damaging the sleeve of her right arm. With the harness, I wouldn’t have to worry about her sliding all over the place.

This item also inclines the upper body at a 30 degree angle. Sean and I consider our current sleep positioner to not have as much of an incline as we’d like, but this other positioner looks great.

Added bonus? It folds up neatly for traveling.

The Tucker Wedge and Sling

Another option we have is the Tucker Wedge with Sling. I’ve seen this before and laughed at how ridiculous it looked. Basically, it’s a huge wedge with a sling attached. Your baby is placed inside the sling and you use Velcro to strap him in. There are three different sizes: preemie, small and medium. The small size, which is for babies 6 – 16 lbs., would be the size we would have to get if we were to purchase this.

With a price of $121-129, I’m not so sure about it. I don’t find anything particularly innovative about this wedge, and am very uncomfortable with the idea of Liliana being strapped mid-air. And although it’s very tempting to have a daily laugh at Liliana attached to this eyesore, I’d rather be laughing with her and not at her.

Nap Nanny in Confetti Pink

Finally, there is the Nap Nanny. It’s a bit similar to the Tucker Wedge in that it is big and bulky, but instead of an ugly wedge the Nap Nanny is an attractive, contoured piece of polyurethane foam. Many of the reviews on the Minky Camel Nap Nanny on are positive and showcase photos of babies currently using the Nap Nanny.

This product has no maximum weight restriction, but the manufacturer suggests to not use it for overnight sleeping once your child can sit up on their own. Of course, reflux is supposed to start to go away once your baby can sit up by him or herself so there would no longer be a need for an elevated sleeping surface. Nonetheless, this can be used for napping or lounging once baby has reached the sitting up milestone.

The Nap Nanny uses raised sides and a safety harness to keep baby in (Yeah! No Velcro!). The product has a 3o degree angle, and includes a cover with a waterproof liner.

Another similarity to the Tucker Wedge is the price: The Nap Nanny retails at $129.99.

So which one of these should we buy? I’m really interested in the Nap Nanny and although the price is a bit steep for a family with limited means, the opportunity for long-term use is attractive. The other feasible option is the reflux relief sleep positioner. Liliana’s only gained 4 pounds since her birth 4 months ago. It seems safe to assume that it will be several months until she reaches 20 lbs, which is the max weight for this positioner. If Liliana’s reflux were to improve soon, whether it be through medication or surgery, I’d be happier with the purchase of the sleep positioner over the Nap Nanny.

I may have to do some more research and I’ll definitely have to discuss these options with Sean. What do you guys think? Is there an angled sleep positioner for infants that you’ve had success with?