I’m writing this from Sean’s computer because I accidentally allowed malware on my computer and I’m having a hell of a time fixing it…that’s the last time I watch a cooking competition on Megavideo!

Anyway, the kids have been doing okay. Liliana’s finally gotten out of her “bad” phase and is now tolerating her feedings again. However, she’s not getting along with her little brother much. Anytime he touches anything, she shrieks. If he’s just walking in her general direction, she screams. If he’s anywhere near her, she tries pushing him away.

I’m not really sure how to handle it. I’ve read in some places to just let the kids work it out themselves, but does that apply when both kids are so small and young?

Remember when Damien emptied out the box of Kix? Well, Liliana had her own moment with a box of Q-tips she found:

She even hoarded some in a secret place so that she could bring them out whenever she wanted. I cleared out all the Q-tips though, because Damien tries eating them and Liliana just pulls the cotton off. Kids.

I had to trim Liliana’s bangs, and I was actually able to put her hair up the other day:

Here’s Damien, who now walks and even tries running away after grabbing something.

Okay, back to getting my computer fixed!