We are getting more snow!  It’s unbelievable how much snow we’ve already gotten here in Pennsylvania and to top it off with even more? Pure madness.

A lady from the GI department at the hospital called me this morning to see if, instead of coming in at 2:25 for Liliana’s appointment, I’d want to come in around noon. Another option she gave me was to reschedule the appointment. Knowing that Sean didn’t want me driving in this snow and fearing what would happen if I were stuck in Philadelphia with Liliana, I decided to reschedule. Our appointment is now 2 weeks from today, which seems reasonable enough.

As far as Liliana’s reflux goes, Sean posted this on his Facebook the other night:

Sean Tapscott thinks something special happened tonight with Liliana. We didn’t feed her on schedule, intentionally because we could tell there was milk still in her stomach. We waited until she was really hungry, and then she actually kept down the milk too, during her diaper change. She even smiled victoriously afterwards at me, saying, “Look Daddy, I did it!”

Since then, Liliana hasn’t done as well. She’s still throwing up, sometimes large amounts, but it doesn’t even seem to bother her except for the fact that her clothes get wet. For example, this morning she was getting fed through her tube and was sucking on her hand. She’s getting really good at putting her hands in her mouth, sometimes clasping her hands together to do it. This time though, she only had her left hand in her mouth and she started throwing up. I guess it was just standard reflux and not vomiting, because she still had her hand in her mouth!

Liliana’s still happy and steadily filling out her clothes, so we’re doing the best we can right now!