Liliana’s been throwing up small amounts each day and we’ve been trying to fix it by either slowing down her feeds or giving her less volume. We also try to give her some Pedialyte sometimes; last night she did well with it.

We’re not really sure what’s causing it. Her position isn’t a problem—she’s usually sitting or standing when she throws up. I’m able to change her diaper during or right after a feeding without any problems. This last weekend she had a good amount of bowel movements (she didn’t have any yesterday, though) and she still threw up a few times. It is definitely confusing.

Although her reflux is still an issue, she’s stopped refusing solids. We’re able to give her Stage 2 foods, but we have to give her drinks of water to help wash it down. It seems like it will still be a long time until she can eat actual solids.

Liliana’s still as active as ever, which sometimes becomes a problem because she’s hooked to her feeding pump 2 out of every 3 hours. She’s at the point where she most likely can stand by herself, but is hesitant to do so. When she pulls up to stand, she uses minimal support to stay standing; last night, Sean played a game with her where he helped her stand, and then pulled his hands away so she’d stand by herself for a few moments.

It’s time for me to start working! I hope Liliana gets a dirty diaper (even though I dread the clean-up) and she doesn’t throw up anymore today (she’s already done it once). It would also be nice if she went back to sleep!