Life has become very hectic lately! Liliana has been throwing up less but it seems like her gag reflex has kicked into overdrive and has become overactive. She’ll start sucking on a pacifier without messing with it too much and then milk will suddenly gush out of her mouth. Or I’ll lay her down to change her diaper and she’ll start coughing. The coughing changes into a gag and then she’ll start a mild heaving. Her tummy will go in and out (and when it goes out, it goes out real far) as she’s heaving. Sometimes I hear her stomach squelch, which is unnerving.

We’re going to a follow up appointment with the surgeon who fixed Liliana’s CDH later this week, so hopefully we can see if everything is alright internally. There have been a few occasions where Sean and I would look at Liliana’s tummy and see that it’s a bit lopsided, with one side higher than the other. It’s definitely something we’re going to have checked out.

In other news, my aunt and two of my sisters are coming this next weekend to see Liliana! Maybe I’ll get a break from changing her diapers and if I’m lucky I might be able to take a nap or two!