This past weekend was a complete blur of information. Liliana started taking her full feeds of 2 ounces on Saturday morning, triggering an onslaught of info sheets and things we have to do before she can go home. My memory isn’t that great still, so I’m going to resort to another list.

  • Sean and I took the CPR class on Saturday morning where we practiced on baby dolls. Very useful information, but I hope that I won’t ever have to use it.
  • We fed Liliana a few times this past weekend. We used the bottle a couple of times and she would take around 25 ml. I also tried breastfeeding, which was a bit awkward for both Liliana and I, and she took 8 ml the first 2 times. The third time she took 12 ml. On Tuesday I’m going to go in and try breastfeeding some more.
  • We changed a lot of stinky, dirty diapers. I now know and can recognize what Liliana’s poop smells like.
  • We weren’t able to take an NG class, but the nurse showed us how to do it and we practiced on a puppet. Sean performed the procedure of inserting a tube into Liliana’s nose and down into her stomach on Sunday and I get to do it this upcoming Tuesday. Liliana will have to keep the NG tube until she is taking all of her feedings by mouth. She’s not doing that now because she gets tired.
  • We were given a prescription for Vitamin D drops for Liliana. Liliana is also starting to take Zantac and we will most likely be given a prescription for that.
  • Before Liliana’s discharge from the hospital, she will be given her first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine.

I think that’s it. Once they see that Liliana is doing better with her feedings (she sometimes throws up, depending on how fast the milk goes into her stomach when they put it through the tube) and is gaining weight steadily, they should be letting her go. We’ve been told it will most likely be this week so Mommy and Daddy are going to have a lot less sleep in the near future!