I hope everyone had a happy turkey day!

We had a good Thanksgiving: no big disasters in the kitchen, the kids mostly behaved, and I was able to take an after-dinner nap, albeit one with the kids crawling (and bouncing–OUCH!) all over me.

It was my first time baking a pumpkin pie and my first time cooking a turkey. I think they both turned out fine:

I was hoping to get Liliana to help make some of the side dishes, but she was actually napping. So much for getting her involved in food prep this week! Everything got to the table around the same time except for the homemade gravy. I don’t even like gravy, so I might just have to forgo the homemade route the next time I do a turkey.

Damien really liked Thanksgiving dinner. Liliana was still napping when we started eating, but she eventually joined us and pointed at Damien, saying that he was eating bread.

I have to feed Liliana now, so I’m just going to post some pics of Damien that I was able to take last night.

Can you spy what's new with Damien?

I'll give you one clue: it's white and makes his smile cuter!

It's another tooth starting to come out!

Okay, I’m going to see if Liliana will eat some mashed potatoes. Yummy!