Okay, this post might be a little TMI so don’t read if you’re already icked out by what I might write about!

Anyway, I think Liliana might be having something called “dumping syndrome” as a result of her Nissen fundoplication. The stomach empties too quickly, resulting in diarrhea, sweating/clamminess due to messed up glucose levels, gas pains, etc. She hasn’t really had the clamminess, but she has the other two symptoms.

Well. This morning Liliana had the worst blowout I’ve ever seen. It was all over the seat of her Nap Nanny. On her blanket. On her clothes. On the dressing for her G-tube. So it pretty much went everywhere.

After changing her dressing and giving her a sponge bath around 6-7 AM, Liliana had 2-3 more diarrhea diapers.

Yesterday she had around 5 of these kinds of diapers, dispersed throughout the day.

I’m definitely going to have to call the hospital; hopefully they’ll just want to give us medicine and they won’t admit us again. I get tired of all the monitors and sensors they attach to Liliana and them taking her blood pressure every few hours. I’m tired of the whole experience when Liliana’s in the hospital.

She’s getting Pedialyte right now to help with her lost fluids.

I really don’t want to go anywhere today :(