I missed a week! So sorry.

Last week Damien came home with pinkeye. At first I thought Damien had scratched his eye; the pediatrician, though, noticed his other eye was turning pink as well, so the diagnosis became pinkeye and we got some eye drops. Damien also had a slight infection in one ear, so we got a paper script for amoxicillin if it got any worse. He stayed home from daycare Thursday and Friday.

This past Monday, Damien went back to daycare, but started having a fever after his afternoon nap. We filled his script for antibiotics, and got him started Monday night. His fever hadn’t gone away until Thursday or Friday, so he stayed home from daycare the rest of the week…

…and I think he got me sick. I started having a sore throat and high fever on Tuesday, progressing into a burning throat and painful swallowing–strep throat! Also, I have double ear infections…I don’t think I’ve ever had this many ear infections in one year before. Kids in daycare will do that to you, I guess.

Liliana seems to be doing okay, but her appetite has been very low. She’s also had a cough since last week, so she may just be suffering from a cold.

Okay, I have laundry and work to do, so here are some pictures I took today.

Liliana got to go outside today

Strike a pose

Damien’s face is actually kind of dirty, so I’ll leave it at that.

Diaper changes to do. Bye!