Here are a few pictures of Damien. The first 3 are from our first skin-to-skin contact. Babies when they first come out sure look funny! He’s getting cuter though, as evidenced by the last picture which was taken this past hour.

He’s been on a sucking rampage, so instead of having my hands suffer from carpal tunnel just from holding him up for feeding, I opted to let him have a pacifier. I like that it keeps him occupied during his sleep and it gives me time to cope with the contractions he induces during the feeds.

Apparently, Damien’s left clavicle was broken during delivery. A pediatrician came in and said she checked it because it looked tender. She also said it’s not something they do anything about; it should fix itself and may show up as a bump in a few weeks.

We should be going home tomorrow. I miss Liliana, but with two kids I sure am going to be busy!

P.S. A photographer from Bella Baby Photography came and took some photos last night. You can see them by going to and clicking on View Photos. Insert this password: 1214damientapscott