I’ve finally gotten some time to write.

Someone from Liliana’s Early Intervention had asked us if we would be interested in doing Physical Therapy to help with Liliana’s scoliosis. After some thinking, Sean and I decided it couldn’t hurt (it’s free, after all) and that we could do a PT session once a month.

Liliana actually had her first PT session on Tuesday. She did a few exercises and stretches that worked out her neck and core muscles. In order to make a kid do exercises like these, the physical therapist used books and toys; so if Liliana had to do some side stretches, the PT would put a toy block at the very edge of Liliana’s reach, and Liliana would have to grab it while she was in a side-lying position.

Just like her feeding practice, these are things that would be more successful if Damien was busy with something else. It’s difficult because Damien likes to get into everything that Liliana is doing, or else he needs to be attached to me somehow. He’s quite the crier.

Wednesday was Damien’s pediatrician appointment. I think he weighed in at 24 pounds and 4 ounces, and measured 28 and a quarter inches in height. We were a bit concerned that Damien might be a little cross-eyed or have eyes closer than normal, but the pediatrician said that he has a flat nasal bridge and that makes his eyes look closer.

Liliana’s occupational therapy for eating was Thursday. It went really well: the OT brought a small table for Liliana to practice sitting down and eating (it’s too problematic for me to do it at the dining table), Liliana showed that she can bite down on cheese puffs and swallow them, and she also took several sips out of a juice box. She also took a bite out of a wagon wheel; wagon wheels are very crispy and crunchy snacks, so it’s quite a feat.

One difficulty I’ve been having is keeping baby snacks in stock! Damien loves the cheese puffs, and he can eat an entire container in a day. I limit Damien to 1-2 wagon wheels a day (he doesn’t bite them – he just lets them dissolve in his saliva), and one arrowroot cookie a day. I ran out of wagon wheels and now I’m only on arrowroot cookies. I’ve been wanting to go grocery shopping, but it’s been raining a lot. Blech.

I’m still feeding Damien purees, but I think he’s losing interest. He used to eat an entire container of baby food, but now he stops halfway. He’s probably ready for table food, though I’m a bit wary about some ingredients that were used in the preparation of some of our foods.

For example, tonight I made an alfredo sauce from scratch using some buttermilk and Farmer’s cheese, and used that on top of chicken, peas and pasta. I gave some chicken to Damien, but only after I made sure there wasn’t any of the alfredo sauce on it. I might just have to make baby-friendly versions of our food if I’m making meals.

Okay, I’m done writing. Bye!