Today, we have for you a gallery of our pictures from yesterday.  Mercy was able to take a couple of pictures before her battery went dead.

Nobody was sick this week and we got to meet a dog.  Liliana smiled at the dog that was taller than her, but didn’t like it when she got too close.  She was afraid to pet the dog.  Maggie, the neighbors across the street’s dog, was very very friendly.  Damien really liked the dog, and smiled broadly when he pet her.  He also was being held by mommy, so not much reason there to be scared.

In other news, Liliana hasn’t thrown up this week and has had regular bowel movements.  Mercy and I are very stressed out though while waiting for word on approval to rent a land lot.  More info later on that.  If you have any other questions about how we’re doing, please email us or comment on the post. :)  Hope you have a great week!