I’m finally awake! My arms still feel as if they’re made of lead, but at least I can think clearly enough.

I think my problem is that I’m not getting enough sleep (as if that weren’t obvious). For example, last night I went grocery shopping at midnight; the previous night, I think I did dishes, set up the pack-and-play in the living room, and picked up all the toys. These past two nights, I’ve climbed into bed sometime after 2 o’clock.  Sean’s not really happy about that, and last night my fatigue didn’t allow me to give him the attention he needed, especially since the kids were wide awake until 11:30!

I had wanted Damien to take a nap in the morning, right before Liliana’s Early Intervention would start. I use breastfeeding to get him to sleep (I know I shouldn’t, but I use it so that I can get a break from him when I want!) so after a while, he fell asleep, but he was still suckling. Liliana was being mucousy in her bedroom and she was trying to get it out; I had to check on her, so I had to pull Damien off and put him down. Sometimes I’m lucky and he stays asleep, while most times he’ll wake up and start crying.

You can probably guess what happened.

He woke up, he was a distraction to Liliana during Early Intervention, and the only time he fell asleep was on the car ride to dinner at Applebee’s. He napped through most of our dinner, and that’s why he was up so late last night.

Liliana did get to have a proper table-eating experience at Applebee’s, though. She sipped the apple juice box at least ten times, and dipped her french fries into ketchup, sucking the ketchup off. She did pop a piece of tomato or red pepper (from my salad) into her mouth, though I don’t really know where it ended up.

Blah blah, blah blah blah…

Last night, I bought some new snacks for the kids. They’ve already tried these cheese puffs that are “Veggie Dip”-flavored, and Damien loves them. He’s eaten all of the ones I’ve given them. Liliana will lick a cheese puff for a while, and then let Damien have it.

I’ve been giving them cereal puffs so Damien could work on his fine motor skills; he’s still just grabbing a fistful of the cereal puffs and pushing his whole palm against his mouth. I would like to try letting him spoon-feed himself, but I don’t feel up for the mess he’ll make. Last night, Damien had an epically dirty diaper (while Liliana was eating via pump and trying to throw up), and I think that unhinged my patience for anything. He kept trying to touch and grab down there, and it was MESSY, so it was very irritating. At least Damien got a nice bath out of it.

Damien is asleep now, and there were a few things I wanted to bake/cook this weekend. Bye!