The things I’ve experienced this week are enough to drive anyone mad.

First, Liliana’s ear infections returned Monday. We got her onto Augmentin, which made her throw up a ton of mucus. She also didn’t tolerate her formula very well on some days.

Damien had a cough that I thought was pretty bad, so I kept him home Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday was my only reprieve from sick kids.

Friday, I had to take Liliana to her nutritionist. Even with Liliana being sick, she gained a little weight since the last appointment (she was at 24 lbs, 4 oz). The Early Intervention nurse was with us at the appointment, and I told her that Liliana still isn’t feeling well. She was even getting a fever and was being very fussy. The nurse suggested calling the pediatrician (especially right before the weekend) because the antibiotics should have kicked in by around the 3rd day.

We went to the pediatrician and got a script for another antibiotic if Liliana still wasn’t feeling well with her next dose of augmentin. She had her first dose of this other antibiotic today and I don’t know if she’s tolerating this one either.

Friday night, Damien was very sick. He was throwing up all night; we had him seen at the pediatrician Saturday morning and they said that he probably has a stomach bug (everything else was fine with him). Damien only threw up 2 times on Saturday, but today he had 2 very icky diapers.

And now, the kids aren’t the only ones that are sick. The men here just developed the stomach flu today. And it’s bad.

I will post photos later (I know, I’m always putting it off!), but I have a deadline I need to meet for work. I’m hoping that everyone will make a speedy recovery and the healthy ones here stay healthy!