Today was quite the productive day. I cleaned the nursery—Liliana’s boxes of formula and medical supplies are put away, her toys are in bins (except for the ones she’s been pulling out!), and Damien’s swing is now folded up and out of the way—so now you can actually walk to the crib or Liliana’s bed without having to step over boxes or other random things.

As far as Liliana’s eating and drinking goes, she drank a lot today! Some of it was water, but some of it was also this vanilla-flavored milk/formula that our GI doctor had given us. Liliana also ate some of my lunch, but it was mostly just her putting her fingers into my food and grabbing my fork. I think she’s learning that instead of gagging on food, she can just push it out of her mouth with her tongue because that’s what she keeps doing!

Okay, it’s getting a bit late and I should do some work before going to bed. Here are those photos that I promised from earlier this week!

Liliana gives Damien her foot...

And Damien takes a hold!

Liliana's hair is long enough for pigtails now.

Damien licks a toy just because it's near his mouth.