We saw the nutritionist on Wednesday and it turns out that Liliana’s not doing very well with her growth. Only 8 ounces (half a pound) in weight gain for the past two months, and she only grew half an inch in height. I wasn’t able to give estimates as to how many calories Liliana’s been getting so, per the recommendation of the nutritionist, we’re now keeping a log on the fridge.

At the end of the day I can tally up how many calories Liliana has gotten, and then figure out how much she needs to reach her 1000 daily calories; whatever she’s missing, I can give to her overnight.

One problem is that yesterday morning Liliana was disconnected. I think she moved from one part of the bed to the other, disconnecting herself in the process. She got disconnected again in the afternoon, though I thought for the most part she was staying still.

She did get disconnected this morning, but Sean thinks it was after her feeding was done. If that’s the case, then Liliana got all 1000 calories yesterday!

Damien is doing great, though Liliana has a love-hate relationship with him. Yesterday they ate cereal puffs together:

See that Ritz cracker on the pink plate in the background? That was Liliana's, but then Damien found it. RIP Ritz Cracker.

A happy Liliana!

Liliana even held Damien’s hand later:

Very nice

And what is Liliana doing with her other hand?

Eating yogurt melts!

More often than not though, Liliana is pushing and kicking Damien, taking toys away from him, and being really mean. Just 5 minutes ago Damien was sitting in front of Liliana. Liliana pushed on his back several times, as if to say “Get away from me!”

Damien is getting his top teeth now, after cutting his bottom two:

This is at the Miami Metrozoo

I think this photo was only posted on Facebook, so I’m posting a close-up here:

Damien cried a single tear

Okay, it’s time for me to start my work for the day. For those on the East coast, stay safe this weekend!