Liliana has been doing much better this morning. She’s awake and active—so active that she crawled just so she could grab the little things the nurses left in the corner of the crib. She’s grabbing anything she can get her hands on, and also putting them into her mouth.

She’s been acting hungry, so the doctors were talking about clamping her Farrell bag to see if she can withstand things staying in her stomach. If that goes well, they’ll start her on some clear liquids like Pedialyte. If she’s able to tolerate that, we may be able to go home tonight. I think it’s very possible; all morning she hasn’t gagged or retched.

During the doctors’ overview this morning, they said that the results of the urinalysis are still pending. They do think this was most likely a stomach virus.

Liliana’s wet diapers are now regular, and this morning she cried because she was so bored and actual tears were coming out. She’s definitely rehydrated, so I expect to see her getting much better throughout the day.