With Liliana having tried rice cereal, I thought it was time for something new. After bringing home 2 baby food jars during a grocery trip 2 nights ago, one of carrots and the other sweet potatoes, Sean decided to feed her some carrots.

Yum yum! Liliana eating carrots

As expected for a baby starting new things, most of it ended on her chin and on her bib. She threw up whenever Daddy gave her a little too much, which was twice. She did manage to swallow some of the carrots, though!

Yay for baby food carrots!

Yay for carrots!



After a while, she started putting her thumb into her mouth even though Sean was trying to get the spoon into her mouth as well.

"Hey camera! What are you doing behind me?"

As an experiment, Sean put some carrots on Liliana’s thumb on its way to her mouth and she sucked the carrots off her thumb!

Carrots on her thumb!

It was very silly.

Sean fed her carrots again last night and she didn’t cry at all. Liliana’s also been opening her mouth during these feedings, so we’re not sure if she actually likes it and wants more.

In other news, we have Liliana’s impedance study (the pH probe and the stomach emptying tests) next Tuesday. I’m not very excited about spending 24 hours in the hospital, but we have to do what’s necessary for Liliana’s health to improve. I’ll have to be sure to pack extra outfits, bibs, my laptop, and my breastpumping accessories.

I have to go make Sean a PB&J as a snack for when he gets home. Later!