From what Mercy has said to me, Liliana is doing really well today.  Still no bowel movement, but the doctors decided to remove the NG vacuum tube.  Removed it at around 5PM this afternoon.  They also removed the epidural and there have been no signs of extreme pain.  We think we have noticed some intestinal gas pains which are the signs of the digestive system trying to get its engine to start.

Besides that, she’s apparently been slightly back to herself today.   Pointing at things and making nonsensical sounds, and even trying to crawl around.  She slept pretty well last night, except when “does nasteh nursahs” come to take her blood pressure.  I’m pretty sure she’s completely off morphine now too, or they wouldn’t have taken the epidural out.

Several doctors and a nutritionist came finally today.  Because, you know, good healthcare only need be provided on weekdays.  They have said that Liliana isn’t going to have food for  four days.  I guess they’re expecting us to be in there until Friday or later.  With how Liliana is though, I’ll make bets that she’ll be ready to get out of there earlier than that.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing her eat foods and not feel like gagging immediately/constantly.