The kids have been developing quickly. Liliana grows more every day it seems.

Liliana now likes to put large sentences together, and is starting to show her ability to assimilate more complex and abstract concepts. I can now carry on a full conversation with her, included witty remarks, which she returns with just as much wit:
“So if we take black and white, and mix them, we get gray. So what happens if we take white and black, and mix them? What do we get?”
“White… and Black, I don’t know!”

She’s said some other interesting stuff. On Tuesday, while going to our other house to work on some small stuff, Mercy told Liliana, “We’re going to the other house.” Liliana replied while I was buckling her in, “The other house? 2 houses?!” I was surprised, and still am. Not only did she assimilate the knowledge we gave her, but applied the knowledge to create a new conclusion of her own. She has two houses! How new is this!

Damien is also growing quickly. Liliana and Damien are starting quite a friendship. Liliana said today that she wanted to go pick up damien from day care. Mercy said, “Do you miss Dami?” And Liliana nodded, which is her new thing. Damien’s current thing, which is appropriate for his age, is that he has different sounds for different animals. His grin is quite infectious.

Damien is looking more and more like popo (chinese name for paternal grandmother). That’s a good thing, because he’s quite popular. Once, while leaving daycare, we had three young girls all chasing him and saying “Bye Damien!” while we walked/rode slowly away in his little red car. He was cool all the way out. Didn’t smile or wave or anything. Only way he would’ve been cooler is with a poop-eating grin and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Sorry we haven’t updated in awhile, as you can imagine, the house is keeping us busy. Seems like everyone’s buying houses right now! We’ll hopefully have more pictures to provide later.

This was right after Liliana had asked to go pick Damien up because she missed him.

And here's an awful picture of our front garden. We haven't put mulch down, but the azalea's and blueberry plants look great. I just dug this area out this past weekend.