Okay, I know it’s Thursday…but when Friday comes around, I have no time to get out a proper post and no one knows what’s happening with the kids. I’m actually up early this morning (but how I want to crawl back into bed! Six hours is not enough sleep!) so I thought I would try to sum up the week in a more detailed manner.

This may be a bit long-winded or a bit more “thought-flowy” than usual. Six hours of sleep, people.

I’m going to start with Damien. He’s been coughing a little more than usual, but doesn’t really have any other symptoms had a stuffy nose this morning. I did have to get him out of his crib once when he wouldn’t stop crying in the middle of the night (his process: cry, fall asleep, cry while half-asleep, fall asleep, wake up and cry, etc.). His nose needed to be wiped because he had been crying so much.

Damien also had his first accident. He grabbed two of Liliana’s markers (so much for trying to get her to only use one at a time!) and started walking…and tripped onto the Boppy pillow that was on the floor. One of the markers jabbed the area directly under his right eye. He’s okay now, and his boo-boo is scabbing with minimal swelling. He doesn’t even know it’s there anymore.

He’s also starting to get his 4th tooth on the bottom. Damien is also starting to become more like his father in that he’s getting picky about his food. He’s grown tired of Kix, baby cereal puffs, and has shunned Cheerios (even though he’s only tried it once). His thing now is bread and Ritz crackers, but I could probably cook some plain macaroni or something for him. I finally have money in my checking account again, so I can go and buy the kids some food.

Liliana is doing okay this week. There were a few times where she’s thrown up, but it’s probably just been 3 times total this past week–not as bad as she used to be. She’s still not eating that much, but she’s drinking more than she used to (probably about an ounce a day).

We’ve also started doing a few of her feedings at home with a mini bookbag that Liliana can wear, so she’s not sitting down the whole time she’s eating. The thought behind that was if she was playing and engaging in activity, she might not realize how her stomach is filling up and wouldn’t gag as soon as she does during a feeding…I haven’t witnessed any difference, except that Liliana doesn’t feel well after she runs around a lot (during or after a feeding).

As far as how she acts with Damien, she’s now able to trade toys with him, though sometimes Damien doesn’t want to. There are still instances where Liliana will get ornery: if Damien touches her stepping stool or booster seat, if Damien is trying to get my attention, or if Damien is trying to take something away that she’s using.

At least I found a way to keep Damien happy while Liliana is taking a bath: fill a heavy container with water and let him play with the water on top of a towel. He got his clothes soaked, but it was better than having him trying to crawl over me to step into the shower or having him wailing in his crib while Liliana bathed. He wanted to get in the bath when Liliana got out, though. By that time, I had changed his clothes and was trying to get Liliana dressed.

All right, I’m hungry and OT is coming in 40 minutes. I have to eat, drink some more coffee, and tally up Liliana’s calorie intake for the past week. Bye!