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Mercy here. The hospital still has this domain
blocked so I’m trying to post by e-mail. I set it up the day before the
surgery and never tested it, so I hope this works!

Liliana’s doing much better today. She didn’t need any morphine through
the night and overall slept pretty well. I think there were only 2 or 3
times she got upset because of the nurse checking on her, but it was
much better than her first night here.

They took out her epidural this morning and has been pretty good
pain-wise since.

Liliana got a sponge bath and after the nurse set up the crib so that
Liliana could be propped up at an angle, Liliana decided she felt well
enough to sit up. She even tried to crawl a few times to get things at
the foot of her crib, but I stopped her because of all the tubes that
she was pulling taut.

The nurse did give her a dose of morphine around this time (Liliana was
already being active) and all we’re waiting for is Liliana’s bowel
movements. Apart from that, there is still a lot of fluid draining out
of Liliana’s stomach, so they’re increasing her IV fluids.

She’s now falling asleep, which is great. She started to nap earlier
but that was interrupted because they needed to get her vitals.

I’m sure that once Liliana has a BM and they take the tube out of her
nose, she’ll be crawling around her crib. She’ll probably want to stand
too, but that’ll be difficult with IVs set up on her foot and her hand.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, propping her up and having her sit
instead of laying down all the time will help her bowels get moving.