Damien turned one this past Wednesday. We celebrated with carrot cake cupcakes; Damien loves to watch things in the oven, so he got to watch his cupcakes baking:

After dinner, he got to open up a present from Grandma. Then, it was time for cupcake eating! If you’re OCD about keeping clean while eating (like yours truly), brace yourself.

Damien saying, "Mmmm."

Starting to get messy with the frosting!

He's loving this. I'm just cringing.

What a mess!

Damien did get messier than this, and ended up with frosting all over his face and arms. Damien got to take a bath, which he loves, so I guess that’s my birthday gift to him.

We also got to play with balloons on Wednesday. Liliana loved them:

Damien was scared of them at first, but then warmed up to them. He even had one pop in his arms yesterday (he was grabbing them by digging his hands into them) and he was perfectly fine with it.

Damien had his one-year checkup yesterday and he weighed in at 23 lbs 9 oz. Whenever I hold him, it feels like he weighs 30 lbs, so I’m afraid of how it will be when he does weigh that much! Everything looked good during the checkup. Damien still has 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom, but the pediatrician said his molars will probably pop out within a week, and the other bottom front tooth will be coming out as well. Then, to end the visit, Damien got 4 shots, but he was a champ and only cried briefly.

Liliana’s doing well. The grandparents put up the Christmas tree this past weekend, and Liliana really liked it. Someone gave her reindeer antlers, and Liliana put it upon herself to sing and dance in the living room while wearing them.

A coy reindeer

Fierce reindeer. "Roar"

Lots to do today! Bye!