Okay, haven’t had time to do the pictures and I have a ton of work to do tonight, but I wanted to get this out so I don’t go crazy.

We went to our GI doctor today. Liliana had some blood drawn for a CBC to check on her platelet count. This is the one that will determine if she needs to have a bone marrow test done. We’ll probably get the results next week.

Once our doctor came in, I told him about Liliana’s vomiting, the new formula, her seasonal allergies, how we want an acid reflux med again, etc. The nutritionist we visited had suggested maybe doing an intermittent schedule with Liliana’s current antihistamine, like 2 weeks on, 1 week off with a different antihistamine as a substitute.

Here’s a breakdown of what we got:

  • Prescription for omeprazole.
  • Prescription for Farrell bags, which will help relieve pressure on Liliana’s stomach. We can use those overnight.
  • Nothing for the antihistamine situation; the doctor wants to stay with her current medicine because of some other effects that this medicine has.
  • An order for an upper GI to make sure Liliana’s fundoplication is still intact.

I have to make an appointment for the upper GI, but I did get the prescriptions to the right places already.

Liliana’s formula came today, so it’s nice to have some of her regular formula on hand. I don’t think she tolerates the Pediasure all that well; last night she threw a lot of it up on her pillow and bed. I do hope the Farrell bags help her with not throwing up while she sleeps.

Okay, work. Bleh.