Liliana is here with me at the hospital. We took her to the ER yesterday evening because she had been throwing up everything (formula, medicine, Pedialyte, etc.) all day and started throwing up yellow around 5 PM. She became very lethargic, even with the 2 naps she had that day, and during the feeding right before she started throwing up bile, she was crying, arching her back, and generally very hard to handle.

X-rays were done last night while we were at the ER and they determined that her gut didn’t turn itself around or some other weird thing with her anatomy. While we were in the ER, they started her on some IV hydration. Also, we had been giving her very small amounts of Pedialyte every while; once, Sean gave her a little water to drink. She threw up all of it.

After Liliana came back from her last X-rays, she started throwing up brown.

We were admitted into a room late last night. The resident doctor and nurse were very helpful and gave Liliana Zofran (anti-nausea medicine) and an IV version of her omeprazole. They also put in a sump so that it could suction out her stomach contents; while Liliana did try throwing up a couple of times, it helped her sleep better through the night.

Sean and I went to sleep at 4 AM because of all the things that they were setting Liliana up with.

Today hasn’t been much better. Liliana’s still gagging and retching, with her stomach contents still brown. She’s been sleeping pretty much all day, waking up often to cry or gag. She has no fever, even though she feels warm at times. Overall, there hasn’t been much of an improvement in her condition to even try a normal feed.

They had to catheterize her to get a urine sample for a urinalysis to check if this is a UTI. If it isn’t a UTI, then it should be gastroenteritis. Still waiting for the results on that.

They also gave her a suppository about an hour ago because she did have stuff sitting in her bowels. The resident doctor for today said that it could be affecting how she feels. He said some other things which I’ve forgotten; my preggo brain is tired and I’ve been wanting to sleep all day like a certain little somebody.

Anyhow, five minutes after she received the suppository in her sleep, she woke up fussy. I sat her up and she immediately started pushing it out. At this time she was connected to something called a Farrell bag, which decompresses her stomach by allowing air and stomach contents to come out through the NG tube. So while Liliana’s pushing this poop out, she’s also pushing out the brown stuff from her stomach.

Sean thinks that Liliana sometimes vomits because she’s pooping; if she weren’t connected to that Farrell bag, those contents would’ve been upchucked instead as she pushed out quite an amount.

Changing this diaper was the worst because there were cables and tubes everywhere. Liliana wasn’t very helpful either; she kept putting her feet into the dirty diaper.

She’s feeling a lot better now. She had another dose of Zofran and eventually she’s supposed to be connected to a sump again. She’s actually sleeping very peacefully now, which is a great relief.

Hopefully we’ll get the results of the urinalysis soon.

She just woke up with a little whine. I’ll make another update tomorrow.