Yesterday we gave Liliana her first tub bath in a long time. Her hair is looking much better (sponge baths just don’t cut it for how long her hair is getting!) and she liked splashing the water around.

After the bath we changed the dressing around her G-tube that keeps it in place. The place where the G-tube goes in is called the stoma, and last night it was looking a bit reddish. It’s normal to have a little redness at the spot, but I’ll have to check today to make sure that it’s not getting more red and that it’s not spreading.

Once all that was done, we tried putting the brace on her. It was way too tight and squeezed her middle too much for me to be comfortable leaving her in it. There also was an issue about how to place her clothing so that we’d have access to the G-tube, and I think the best thing would be to clothe Liliana in tops that open in the front with snaps. I’ll have to call the brace shop today so that we can get Liliana’s brace adjusted; she’s definitely getting heavier so I’ll have to make sure they make the straps long enough that we can adjust them ourselves as she gets bigger!

Apart from that, Liliana’s been on and off with her oral feeding. On Saturday she ate a bunch of oatmeal and later ate some of the leftover corn casserole from Thanksgiving. Liliana came over to me while Sean and I were eating, and seeing as we were on the couch (our coffee table lifts up and serves as our dining table), Liliana was able to reach over enough to touch my plate.

She was trying to grab some stuffing I had made to go with the meal; I didn’t want her having it because there were a lot of different things in it we haven’t had her try before. Instead, I got some of the softer parts of the corn casserole and popped it into her mouth. She ate it without a problem and she wanted more!

For the next ten minutes I was there sticking pieces of corn casserole into her mouth. She tried grabbing a few pieces; when I let her have them, she threw them on the floor. I accidentally gave her one piece that had a corn kernel in it. I think when she figured there was something in her mouth that she couldn’t mush to oblivion, she spat it out. So all in all, she did really well.

Not so for Sunday and this morning. Sean tried feeding her oatmeal yesterday and I tried today; she didn’t want any of it. Maybe the oatmeal is too bland for her now or she wants something with more texture. I’ll have to try a different food later today to see how she does.

In other news, Damien has been very active. Can you believe that there’s only 2 and a half weeks until my due date? I can’t!