I’ll have to make this quick because Liliana’s not feeling well today and I have a million and one things to accomplish.

Liliana’s been having a runny nose; all the mucus is exacerbating her reflux and she’s been throwing up often since yesterday. She was fine throughout the night, so we managed to get some formula into her, but her condition now is still the same as yesterday’s.

I got some Vicks BabyRub for her, so hopefully she won’t feel congested as much and she can get some of that mucus out.

I just got a call about the results of my 1-hour glucose test. They said that I got 131; any value over 130 they get a 3-hour glucose test for. With Liliana, I think my results were 128 or 129. I’ll have to see what happens today and if there’s anything available over the weekend because being cooped up in a waiting room for 3 hours would not be fun for Liliana at all.

Okay, pictures:

using the sliding door to stand up

always trying to climb me

and use my clothing to pull her up

She’s getting sleepy. Will update if I get time.