This week has been up and down. It seems like the only way we can sleep anymore is if Liliana sleeps with us. She was in her crib one night and kept waking up every hour. I eventually gave her Orajel to see if it was teething keeping her up, but she woke up crying again. It was definitely frustrating and no one felt very rested the next day—Liliana eventually got so tired during the next day that she literally fell asleep. She was sitting in her pack-and-play calmly watching the trees and then fell forward for a snooze.

Yesterday we went to see the GI doctor. Liliana’s weight hasn’t changed since our last weigh-in over a month ago (we think she lost weight with the Elecare and Reglan, and we’re slowly getting back up with the Good Start formula), but her height and head circumference have been growing. The doctor said that the body will always protect the head, but we have to focus on getting her weight to increase for the growth of her body.

He did think that surgery is now the best option for her reflux, and Sean and I both agree with it. In the meantime, we’re giving her a little more formula with her feeds and are giving her 3 ml of omeprazole as opposed to 2.4 ml from before. She is throwing up a little more often lately, though we think she might be teething again this week.

Developmentally, she’s now able to get into the sitting position from being on her tummy and she points at things in books. I think she’s doing really well in that department.

The photos this week are of our trip to the zoo this past Sunday. We spent most of the time just looking for a place to park, so we didn’t get to see much of the zoo itself.

Liliana sitting in the double stroller while we had lunch. She sat there and watched the pigeons and geese that were hanging out.

The petting zoo had the weirdest looking goat I've ever seen. Talk about curves!


The most interesting part of the zoo according to Liliana: this waterfall.

So interesting...

Liliana touching some of the water droplets. I didn't notice the big cat make its appearance behind them (the cats disappeared for feeding).

Even though we didn’t get to see much of the zoo, it tired Liliana out and she fell asleep on the way back to the car (it was a long walk back). She’s actually falling asleep for her morning nap now, and it’s time to feed her. Later!