I went ahead and bought those popsicle molds from Amazon that I had posted before, since I also needed to buy portable fans for our trip down to Miami. Damien really likes them and he’s like a monster when he eats them.

Liliana and Damien trying out the popsicles I made

Yum yum

Damien was making a mess because it was melting and dripping down his chin

Liliana swapped popsicles with Damien, so now Damien can eat another whole popsicle!

They’ve had some popsicles since the first day I had them…and Damien was the one to eat most of them. Liliana ignores the homemade popsicles, but still loves the store-bought mini popsicles on the stick.

Okay, I’m still sleepy and have to work. There’s a lot to do this weekend!