It’s 1 AM and I’m still up! Liliana has to be at the hospital at 7 so that they can prepare her for the surgery, and yet there’s still so much for me to do. I had a lot of work to do today (I’ve done 7 hours—not an easy feat with having to take care of Liliana at the same time!) so all I’ve managed to fit in is one load of laundry and a load of dishes.

What’s left? Pack a few of Liliana’s toys, books, her Orajel (her top teeth are now poking out!), and then all of the stuff I need like my laptop and phone charger. After that it will be time to haul everything out to the car.

Liliana’s getting some Pedialyte through the pump right now, which needs to stop at 5. I’ll change her outfit and diaper around 5:30, get her into the car at 6, and head off to the hospital.

We’ll check in at the surgery desk, and then go into a prep room where they’ll give Liliana “Giggle Juice” so she doesn’t freak out so much when I’m not there. I’ll be taken to a family room where there’s a screen with surgery updates on it. Once the surgery is done, Liliana will be taken to a recovery room and I’ll be allowed in. The Anesthesia nurse we met on Wednesday said that younger kids wake up quickly from the anesthesia, and are usually upset and disoriented. So that’s what I’m expecting in the recovery room.

A hospital room will be prepared, and we’ll be in there for the rest of Liliana’s stay.

I’ll try to post updates as I get them in the family room, but with how little sleep I’m getting tonight (current number of hours asleep: zero), I’m not sure if I’ll be awake.

Anyway, just two photos this week. Liliana likes playing with game controllers because she sees her Mom and Dad doing it all the time.

Looking at the buttons

My little gamer in the making

She already knows how to hold down the button to make the controller turn on (even on a guitar controller we have) and after she saw me singing with the microphone in Rock Band, she holds up the microphone herself and talks into it. She also hits the microphone, either because she’s seen me doing that during the Tambourine/Cowbell parts or she likes hitting things.

Liliana’s getting to be a smart little cookie, and it’s about time that her parents are more careful with what they do and say around her!