It’s been a long week, but thankfully it’s Memorial Day Weekend! Sunday is Sean’s 25th birthday; hopefully we’ll get to do something fun!

My energy level is super low right now. Last night I woke up at 3 to give Liliana’s feeding; when I looked in her crib, she was wide awake! She was happy, which was nice to see, and managed to fall asleep once the tube feeding started. Maybe since she was awake last night, she’ll take a few more naps today. That’s always good for a mother trying to work between baby’s feedings and crying fits. I might even be able to take a nap myself! I sure could use it right now (even though it’s only 9 AM! I have to get sleep when I can!).

Let’s get to the photos, shall we? I gave Liliana a pair of her shorts to play with (she’s always putting clothes and blankets in her mouth) and I decided to put them on her head.

She started eating my camera strap!

Have a good holiday weekend!