This post is a bit late – we’ve been so busy getting things together and being tired that I almost forgot about posting! I usually do some sharpening and color correction in Photoshop before putting any photos up; these photos are the original unedited versions and each photo is linked to the high-res version.

This trip has been very eventful: we arrived Saturday, went out for dim sum on Sunday followed with a visit to Butterfly World, wound down on Monday from the heat we endured the day before, went to the beach on Tuesday, did a little night-time walking on Wednesday, Thursday went to the Broward Animal Shelter and also drove through a part of the Everglades for some alligator-spotting. Overall, it was a lot of time spent with family and lots of fun was had.

We didn’t take many photos, but here are the ones with Liliana on the beach! We took her out into the water and eventually I took her to sit in the shade. She eventually grabbed some sand and even put some into her mouth (much to my dismay).

There are still a lot of preparations left to take care of so I need to go! Enjoy the photos and I’ll post again when we’re back in Pennsylvania!

Liliana's first time at the beach

Sean and Liliana testing the waters