Happy Friday! As promised, I have a lot of photos for you today since there were no Friday Photos last week. Here we go!

No hands!

Skydiving on the floor

Ducky rattle comes into play

Happy, happy raspberry time

A rare moment


My favorite

I opened our sliding glass door and it got a little cold, thus the bundling up!

Happily trying to eat the blanket.

A pretty smile

Last photo

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I had fun taking them.

We’re going to visit my parents this week, so hopefully we’ll have some really good photos for the next Friday Photo! The forecast for next week said isolated showers for practically every day we’re there; I’d love to take photos of Liliana in her cute swimsuit, but it’ll have to be sunny! So here’s to hoping for some good weather.

Alright, time to get everything ready for the trip. Have a good weekend everyone!