Hello! I don’t have much to say this week…Sean and I are both sleep-deprived, Liliana’s been very active and playful, and Damien has been growing a lot.

We did get more snow a couple of days ago; thankfully, the kids and I have been able to stay inside all week and keep mostly warm. That won’t be the case in the upcoming weeks though because we have a lot of appointments to attend to. It’s such a hassle, especially with the cold weather.

It’s almost time to feed the kids again and it’s time for everyone to go to bed (I’m posting Thursday night), so let’s get to the pictures! These are all from Sean’s phone, and some of you may have seen a few of the pictures before on Facebook. You can click on these for larger versions.

Yes, our house is a mess. At least Liliana's happy!

Liliana brushing her teeth

It's more like she's just chewing on the toothbrush...

Sleeping Damien. He has a little reflux (a normal amount) so we try to keep him angled.

Liliana in one of daddy's sweatshirts

Liliana holding a straw in her mouth. She did this all by herself and kept it that way for several minutes.

Kids are so funny when they're dead asleep like this.

The best photo ever.

Okay, it’s crunch time to get everyone ready for bed. Bye!