I have lots of photos for you today! Oh, and for those who don’t know yet, I had my 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday and we’re having a boy! No birth defects were indicated with the ultrasound, and apparently my sequential screen was good (no one called me about it) so this boy should be a healthy one.

Now it’s time for the photos!

Coy little girl


Uh oh, the saliva monster is coming out

I can't believe she's made this face



"Yeah, I did a great job!"

Click for extra-large size; good for wallpapers.

Another one for your desktops

You can print this out as a high-res image

Or you can just look and saw, "Awww". Or laugh, like I do sometimes!

Okay, that’s it for today. Those last ones are linked to the high-res images so feel free to use them as your desktop wallpaper or whatever.

This Sunday, Sean and I will have been married for 2 years! I still find it crazy that we’re expecting our 2nd child; at least it will be our last!

Have a good weekend, everyone!