This week we’ve been helping Liliana stand up and walk. Sometimes, we just do standing up and sitting down; the sitting down practice will hopefully help her when she starts standing up by herself. I’ve read how kids get scared when they first stand up because they don’t know how to get down! I hope Liliana will remember her practice and put her weight into her bottom so that she can sit by herself when the time comes.

Standing up

She also walks while we hold her hands for support and balance. Liliana will lift her right foot really high and then stomp it down. She doesn’t do so well with her left, but she’s improved with it since the beginning of the week. Instead of the “walker” having to lift and drag Liliana’s left foot via puppeteering, Liliana’s now able to take a small step with her left foot. Last night she even took steps on her own without us having to initiate it by raising the correct arm.

A big step for baby

Okay, it’s time for me to work and I have lots of it today! It’ll be hard because I’m so sleepy; maybe I’ll even fall asleep sitting up like she does sometimes:

Sleeping after a feeding

Have a good weekend!